Tuesday, January 28, 2014


This past weekend, James and I went to the Mahalia Jackson to see Diavolo perform. We have always loved going to see the shows sponsored by NOBA (Lines, Momix, and Pilobolus have been some of our favorites), so when we got the mailer regarding Diavolo we just decided to go for it. We had no idea what to expect, as neither of us had ever heard of the company, but that made it all the more exciting. We invited another couple to come with us, and made an evening of it--a home cooked meal courtesy of Jake and Anna, wine, and a chocolate stout cake for post-ballet dessert.

The show was wonderful! We were way up on the tippy-top row, but it was such a strong performance, we absolutely got the full effect. The artistic director (a very cute and funny French man) came on stage before the curtain rose to discuss what we were about to see. He said that Diavolo was a mix of ballet, modern, martial arts, gymnastics, and architecture--and he wasn't kidding! The show was a mix of all of that and more.

Jim's favorite piece was D2R which featured a giant peg-board of sorts. The dancers threw themselves up and down this board, jumping off the top, sliding down between the pegs, and basically amazing everyone with their serious strength and virtuosity--it was awesome. I think my favorite was the last piece, Fluid Infinities. It was beautiful and kind of celestial, and the use of lighting and architecture was truly impressive. I loved all of it, and I am so glad we got to see it. (also, I want to one day be as strong as those dancers, for real).

Can't wait for our next trip to the ballet!


  1. look at that adorable coat! you look like you belong at the ballet!

    1. thanks, lady! I love to find any excuse to wear it--it is so fluffy!